Philosophy & Approach

Each of our portfolios is comprised of core holdings of 40 to 50 stocks, which are well-diversified by asset class, industry and company.  The stocks are carefully selected based on the associated companies’ long-term revenue growth prospect, opportunity to improve profit margin, ability to generate cash to internally fund growth and dividend payments, level of debt burden and relative valuation.  We do not attempt to time the market, as we believe staying invested is the key to building wealth over the long term, but would stay vigilant of any macroeconomic or geopolitical risks that could significantly impact the financial markets.  In times of extreme market stress, our priority is to preserve clients’ capital.  When we sense that temporary market dislocation has created an investment opportunity, we will not hesitate in deploying cash.  

We follow a bottom-up investment process:

1. Identify leading companies in growing industries;

2. Perform in-depth industry analysis in terms of competition and pricing power, and company-specific fundamental analysis and financial modeling in terms of innovation, market share, sales growth, margin trend and management’s consistency in executing strategy and meeting financial goals;

3. Review and assessment of the companies by the investment committee for investment decisions;

4. Portfolio construction by portfolio managers in accordance with clients’ respective investment policy guideline.