The Firm

Train, Babcock Advisors LLC is an investment advisory firm owned by our senior executives and our founders.  For over five decades, we have provided comprehensive, personalized and tailored financial advice to our clients on investment management, insurance and education planning, retirement and estate planning, and other family office matters.  We understand that clients’ financial needs do change in different stages of their lives.  Our objective is to guide them in every step of the way, from wealth building to wealth preservation and wealth distribution, so that they can enjoy a financially-secured future as well as the freedom to pass on their wealth to future generations and/or preferred causes.  Our clients’ trust in us is built upon our fairness and integrity, our dedication in protecting their privacy, and our utmost adherence to our fiduciary duty in putting their interests first.  As such, we tend to have long-term relationships with our clients, sometimes spanning generations. 

Today, investment advisors are increasingly using passive investment tools such as indexed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to manage clients’ assets, touting those funds’ low-cost nature.  At Train Babcock, we still believe superior stock selection – the capability in identifying good companies in their early stage of growth - as the way to achieve excess returns over time.  With rigorous scrutiny and in-depth fundamental analysis by our experienced and knowledgeable research professionals, we are able to build a portfolio of stocks with staying power and lower turnover, thereby minimizing potential wealth erosion through trading costs and capital gains taxes.